FAQs for Scout's CBD Dog Treats

1. Will these treats make my dog "high". 

   No - we use industrial hemp to derive the CBD content used in our treats. There is an extremely small amount of the psychoactive THC in the treats (less than 0.03 mg per treat), but this is way too small to cause even the smallest dog or cat to get even a small "high". Most pets tend to be calmer taking these treats but that is due to the CBD actions. Pet owners should never try to give their pets human marijuana products as they contain high amounts of THC which can be toxic - especially to dogs.

2. Can I accidentally overdose my pet with these treats?

   No - there seems to be no large dose of CBD that is harmful to dogs or cats. Note that using these treats for other pets is not recommended without checking with your vet. Horses for example have a very different metabolism and may be many times more sensitive to CBD and THC effects.

3. Is it illegal to mail CBD treats across state lines?

   No - though there is a lot of controversy and misconception about rules regarding hemp, CBD, and marijuana. Since we are a legal registered hemp farm in Oregon, which has an approved hemp program, and our hemp crop has been tested and certified by the Dept of Agriculture, our products are considered legal to mail to any state.

   HOWEVER - Though it is legal for Highgarden Farm to ship to any state, it may Not be legal for you to take a CBD product you purchased from us and ship it to another state. Don't take the risk without researching and understanding the hemp/marijuana regulations in your own state. To insure legality, if you want someone in another state to enjoy our products, please have us ship it to them directly. For an extensive legal interview with a cannabis lawyer on this subject go to https://cbdschool.com/blog/cbd-law/is-cbd-legal-2017.

4. Can I get CBD for my pet if I buy hemp oil.

   Most online providers selling hemp oil are actually selling hemp seed oil - which has no CBD content at all. If you are looking for CBD oil make sure your seller specifies that their oil or extract has CBD, and they have listed the total milligrams of CBD content in their product.

5. What breed is your taste tester "Atticus"

   He is a Fox Red English Labrador

6. Can I give these treats to my cat?

   Certainly - however cats are much more finicky eaters. Our farm cat "Smokey" likes them but that does not mean your cat will. You could crumble them up and mix them in with your cat's wet or canned food if necessary. 

7. What dose should I use for my cat?

   Recommended dosages range from .7-1.3 mg per pound. So using from one half to one full 5mg treat a day for small to normal sized cats would be appropriate.

8. Do you recommend giving these treats to kittens, puppies, pregnant, or lactating pets?

  No - we haven't found many pet studies with CBD as far as effects on young or pregnant pets or whether CBD is passed through their milk to young. At this point we feel it is more prudent to use them with adult pets.