CBD for Pets

Scout's Blessing is a small, family-run company in rural Oregon.  We grow our own hemp to exacting organic standards and make our products by hand.  

Scout's Blessing is the #1 CBD product for pets, particularly those with anxiety.  Why?

Terpenes - think of terpenes as essential oils, new research shows that terpenes are incredibly wonderful for relief of anxiety.  Our long time customers also swear by them!

The strain we grow for our products was chosen primarily for it's terpene profile.  Every other product line extracts the CBD from their hemp, destroying those crucial terpenes.  At Scout's Blessing we use a very low temperature method to activate the CBD in our hemp without damaging the terpenes.

Please look at all of the ingredients in our products - every one is chosen for health and therapeutic properties.  

Scout's Blessing CBD hemp is wonderful for more than just anxiety.  Try it for arthritis and joint issues, seizures, tumors, gut health and more!