Why "Scout's Blessing"?

Scout was a beautiful being.  I've been blessed to share my life with many dogs over the years.  Scout was my first "baby" as a grown-up and she was special.

photo editing credit:  Greenlee Anderson (7 years old)

Scout was family.  She was a companion, confidant, backpacking buddy, and therapist.  By my last count she had an english vocabulary of over 200 words.  She was one of those dogs that when you spoke, she looked into your eyes, cocked her head and was attentive.  So attentive!

She lived to be 16.  She was there when we brought home four new babies to the family (3 human and 1 canine).  She will forever be a part of me and I'm filled with gratitude for the time we had and the opportunity to name an amazing, healing product in her honor.

At the time of her passing CBD was illegal and not an option for treatment.  She was arthritic and could not stand on her own to relieve herself.  She was in pain.  It was time.  I think back now and wish I had access to this amazing plant to not only extend the time we had, but to ease the suffering of her last few months with us.

Bless you Scout!

Rest in Peace old Friend.